what to expect

When You Step in the Door

We love our guests and want you to feel at home! The moment you step inside our doors, our people will greet you and assist you in any way they can. If you have young children and need a nursery, we have a well-trained and qualified staff of ladies prepared to watch over and protect them during the service. When you enter the auditorium, one of our ushers will help you find the perfect place to sit. We are confident that God will speak to you, and that you will leave the church with a profound awareness that God loves you and had a great plan for your life!

Don't Have a Bible?

That’s fine! You can use one of ours. We use the Authorized King James version of the Bible.

What Kind of Services Do You Have?

Our Pastor makes every effort to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit. You can expect a few soul-stirring congregational songs and several great arrangements sung by either our Adult Choir or our Youth Choir. We usually have some special music as the Lord leads by any of our soloist, trios or quartets . You may also hear several of God’s people stand and share testimonies of answered prayer or thankfulness to God for His goodness in their life. Then our Pastor will preach a message from God’s Word that is guaranteed to challenge you to draw closer to God and to experience His will for your life. At the conclusion of the preaching, we will have an altar call for those that want to come forward and respond to the message.

What Do You Believe?

We are an Independent Baptist Church, which means we subscribe to Baptist doctrine but are not affiliated with a particular Baptist organization or convention.

What Kind of Music Do You Have?

We sing old-fashioned hymns and songs with a southern flavor! You will find our song service is lively and uplifting. We still use hymn books and do not sing contemporary or modern “praise and worship” type songs. Our soloist, trios, quartets and family groups are sure to bless your heart.