This Do In Remembrance of Me – Pastor Stacey Shiflett

This Do In Remembrance of Me

I Corinthians 11:17-34

Intro: Tonight, we will observe the Lord’s Table. Before we do, let’s review the importance of this ordinance. Paul the Apostle dealt with this subject when writing to the church of Corinth. They were the most carnal of the churches that we know of in the New Testament.

I. The Division – vs. 17-22

               A. The Hearsay – vs. 18

               B. The Heresy – vs. 19

               C. The Hurt – vs. 20-22

II. The Doctrine – vs. 23-26

               A. The Institution of Communion – vs. 23 (Matthew 26:26-29)

               B. The Instruction of Communion – vs. 24, 25

               C. The Intention of Communion – vs. 25c, 26

III. The Direction – vs. 27-29

               A. The Proclamation – vs. 27

               B. The Purification – vs. 28, 29

IV. The Damnation – vs. 29-34

               A. The Rebuke of their Sinfulness – vs. 29

               B. The Reason for their Sickness – vs. 30

               C. The Recourse of their Safety – vs. 31