They Rose Up To Play – 3/12/17 PM


They Rose Up To Play

Exodus 32:6

Intro: The word “play” here means to laugh, to mock, to sport, to toy with, to make a toy of

NOTE: II Tim. 3 says men will be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God

Notice the actions leading up to verse 6 –

1. A Lack of Activity – vs. 1

Idle minds are the devil’s workshop.

Staying busy and in the fight will prevent the time to play.

NOTE: David and Bathsheba – he was napping while others were fighting the battle.


2. A Lack of Authority – vs. 1

God’s man was absent, and there was no oversight; no one to remind them, to warn them, to rebuke them

QUESTION: How many of you think this would have taken place with Moses present?


3. A Lack of Appreciation – vs. 1 …this Moses, the man that brought us up…

Moses was a man, but he was more than a man – he was God’s man.

If you ever allow the devil to diminish the role of God’s man in your mind, you’re on a slippery slope.

What they didn’t know was this – if it hadn’t been for Moses in vs. 11-14, they would have all been killed!

Before you get mad at the preacher, or take him for granted, realize that he just might be standing in between you and the hot wrath of Almighty God! (see 9, 10)


I. Child Training was a Game – vs. 2

They failed to realize the example they were setting before their children.

Our children see what we do; they hear what we say; they watch how we live.

Are we serious about the life we are living in front of them?

Do we as parents realize that what we do in moderation, our children will do in excess??

Rarely do I see young people more involved in ministry than their parents.

Rarely do I see young people pray and read their Bible more than their parents.

Rarely do I see young people winning sinners to Christ more than their parents.


II. Christianity was a Game

  1. Notice their Mentality
  2. They wanted to be led, just not by God or by Moses – vs. 1 …which shall go before us…
  3. They were willing to give up all their gold, but it was for their false idols. – vs. 3
  4. They were interested in imitating the fashions of false worship – vs. 4 …he fashioned it with a graving tool…
  5. They were willing to plan feasts and build altars, but to their own gods. – vs. 5
  6. They were willing to rise up early for their false gods; but not for the True God. – vs. 6
  7. They were interested in peace offerings, but not with God. – vs. 7

NO wonder I am preaching tonight that these people were playing church!

It doesn’t end there.

  1. Notice their Music – vs. 17, 18 …There is a noise of war in the camp…

God’s people has no business listening to music that sounds like noise of war.

At Calvary Baptist Church, we sing godly music.

We sing the hymns.  We promote Christ-honoring music. We sell godly music in our bookstore.

  1. Notice their Modesty – vs. 25 And when Moses saw that the people were naked; (for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies:)

You can tell if somebody is playing games in their Christianity when they start taking their clothes off.

They get less modest. They show more flesh.

False religion doesn’t have a problem with immodesty.

You can tell a lot about a religion, a group, a person by how they dress.


III. Consecration was a Game

NOTE: Moses got angry over their sin. – vs. 19 …Moses’ anger waxed hot

Does that make him carnal? Not hardly! He didn’t get as mad as God did in vs. 10

Aaron called it mischief in vs. 22.

Moses called it A GREAT SIN in verse 21.

Look at Aaron’s reaction to Moses’ rebuke in vs. 21.

Aaron said, “Let now the anger of my lord wax hot…” Moses, watch your temper now. Don’t get upset.

Aaron failed to take any blame.

He denied any wrongdoing. vs. 24 I cast it into the fire, and there came out this calf.

He blamed everybody but himself.

Aaron blamed the people. – vs. 22

Aaron downplayed any wrongdoing.


NOTE: Correction wasn’t a game to Moses!

Moses stood and said, “WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE?”

This wasn’t a situation of Moses’ side.

This wasn’t a question of them standing on Israel’s side.

He wanted to know – he demanded to know WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE?

Apparently, only the Levites came.

Notice the use of the word “GATHERED THEMSELVES TOGETHER” with Moses. – vs. 26

I imagine some of those naked, dancing, idol worshippers might have called them names:

  • Holy rollers
  • Apple polishers
  • Preacher’s pet
  • Yes men

I imagine some people today might think Moses’ reaction was a little over the top.

He took the HANDCARVED TABLETS and broke them.

He took the golden calf and ground it to powder and made them drink it.

He got the Levites to strap on their swords and go in and out and kill ever man his brother, neighbor, companion.

They killed 3,000 – I promise you – right about then is when the consecration stopped being a game!!

NOTE: If you are going to take a stand for God, you might have to separate yourself from some companions!


CONCLUSION: vs. 25-29

Notice Moses’ solution to this fiasco – vs. 29 For Moses had said, Consecrate yourselves to day to the LORD, even every man upon his son, and upon his brother; that he may bestow upon you a blessing this day.

CONSECRATE YOURSELVESmeans full, overflowing – give yourself completely unto the Lord.