The House That Wisdom Builds Part 4 – 4/22/18 PM

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It is Built to Equip

II Chron. 1:10


Notice the type of man that God endowed with godly wisdom.

  1. He was a Searching Man – 1:5 he sought out the brazen altar (type of the cross/salvation)
  2. He was a Sacrificing Man – 1:6 SEE II Chron. 5:6; and 8:11-14 He did it right, no matter the cost
  3. He was a Selfless Man – 1:7-10 SEE verse 11, 12 He was more concerned about others than himself


God doesn’t give a person wisdom just to have it.

God doesn’t endow a home or a family or a person with godly wisdom just to hang on the wall like a diploma.

There is a purpose for godly wisdom.

Wisdom is a stewardship matter; you and I need to do with it what God gave it to us for!


I. Wisdom will Equip You to Lead – 1:10


Solomon’s number one priority was to be an effective leader.

He knew that in order to go in and out before the people and to judge them, he would need wisdom.

If we are going to raise a generation of leaders in our homes, we need wisdom!

We should be preparing them to become the next group of parents, teachers, pastors, and mentors.

Wisdom from God will enable people to be the leaders they should be.

God is not going to bestow wisdom on a group of people that have no intention of using it.


II. Wisdom will Equip You to Labor – 2:1


Effectively accomplishing anything for God will require lots of godly wisdom.

God’s work is not done in the flesh or in the power and might of man.

Solomon had a tremendous task before him.

It was not a task that you just dive into and accomplish with the wisdom of man.

Today, we should be laboring to build a house (church, ministry) for the Lord.

We should make sure that everything we do for the work of God is done in compliance with God’s commands.

  • Psalms 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.


The apostasy and compromise that we see today is a result of man’s wisdom getting in the way of God’s design.

If we are going to raise up a generation of young people that can take over the ministry, we need wisdom!!


III. Wisdom will Equip You to Live – II Chronicles 9:22, 23


Let’s be honest. We need wisdom every day – all day long!

People came from all over the world just to hear the words that came from Solomon’s mouth.

The wisdom that God gave him was a help to many people.

His daily life was richly enhanced, as well as the lives of others – just from the wisdom he had been given.

We need godly wisdom just to navigate the daily obstacles, decisions, relationships, etc.

We need wisdom for everything.

The house that wisdom builds will equip its family members on how to live a successful life.