Stewardship Inventoried – 2/11/18 PM

Stewardship Inventoried

Luke 12:48

Intro: In our text (Luke 12:48), we notice the use of the word “much” several times.  The question I have is – How much is much?  Your definition of much may differ from mine.

Illustrate: Much money, much weight, much influence, much responsibility, much trouble… it varies depending on who it is you’re talking with.

The key to good stewardship is to take inventory of what you have.

Several Bible examples of some people that did not have much in their hand, but to God it was much.


I. Moses’ Rod was Much Proof – Ex. 4

  1. Notice the Transportation of Moses’ Rod – he carried it with him every day, everywhere, …
  2. Notice the Transformation of Moses’ Rod – God did something miraculous with it
  3. Notice the Translation of Moses’ Rod – it is no longer a stick – it is now a sign! Vs. 9


II. Samson’s Jawbone was Much Protection – Judges 15:15

Started out small and insignificant, but became a tool to do mighty things.

Samson admitted – this jawbone can do heaps and heaps of good!

  1. It was a Weapon for the War
  2. It was a Well for the Weak


II. David’s Sling was Much Power – I Sam. 17:40

He had a staff, a scrip, a sling and 5 smooth stones

See verse 50 – David prevailed over the giant – and STILL HAD 5 STONES!!! It was in the head of Goliath!

See 18:7 – David has killed his ten thousands (plural)

The king may laugh at what is in your hand, but take inventory!


II. The Lad’s Lunch was Much Provision – John 6:9

See verse 11 – as MUCH as they would…

Verse 9 , they mocked it – what are they among so many?



These four men all have something in common:

They took inventory and recognized some things:

  1. It’s not just what you have, but where it came from.
  2. It’s not just what you have, but what are you trying to do with it?
  3. It’s not just what you have, but Who is taking what you have and using it??