Show Me Thy Glory – 5/11/20 PM

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Show Me Thy Glory

Exodus 33:18

I. The Desire – shew me

                A. It was a Passionate Desire – I beseech thee…

                B. It was a Personal Desire – shew ME

Don’t underestimate the process that brought Moses to this place.

It was brought on by:

  • vs. 8 …time in the tabernacle
  • vs. 10 …and the Lord talked with Moses…
  • vs. 12 …and the Lord spake unto Moses as a man speaketh unto his friend

                C. It was a Particular Desire –

  • vs. 13 – show me thy way
  • vs. 15 – show me thy presence
  • vs. 18 …shew me thy GLORY.

We have been deprived for 2 months of man’s glory being shoved down our throats.

With the sports world shut down, we have been forced to look for glory elsewhere.

We have been given a space of time to seek God’s glory and God’s face.

II. The Demonstration – vs. 19 …I WILL…

God delights in revealing Himself to us.

Moses beseeched God to reveal Himself, but we don’t have to.

God wants to – God desires to reveal Himself far more than we desire Him to.

God wants to spend time with us more than we do with Him.

III. The Details – vs. 19 I will make ALL MY GOODNESS pass before thee…

Notice the things God was willing to do to show his glory:

  • I will make all my goodness pass before the
  • I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee
  • I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious
  • I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy

Conclusion: If you have been a recipient of God’s goodness, you’ve seen His glory!

If you’ve heard the name of the Lord proclaimed before you, you’ve seen His glory!

If He has shown you grace, you’ve seen God’s glory!

If God has shown you mercy, you have seen God’s glory!

May we continue to desire to see God’s goodness! It is being shown to us every day!