Saying Oh No to the Ono Crowd – 7/25/18

Saying Oh No to Ono Crowd

Nehemiah 6:2


A. Notice Nehemiah’s Accomplishments – vs. 1

  • There is always going to be opposition with God is working!
  • The Report of the Building – the devil hates it!  He is all about destruction; not construction
  • The Repairs of the Breaches – things were fixed, but not 100% – still work to do

B. Notice Nehemiah’s Adversity – vs. 2

They are named in verse 1, then there is the …rest of our enemies.

C. Notice Nehemiah’s Answer – vs. 3, 4

  • I am doing a great work.
  • To argue with you mean I would have to come down.
  • I’m not coming down; I’m going up!
  • I cannot stop to debate with you.
  • The work is more important than you.

Say Oh No to:

I. Their Invitations– vs. 2

  1. It is Uncertain – in some one of the villages – come down to our level
  2. It is Unrighteous – they thought to do me mischief
  3. It is Unrelenting – vs. 4 – they sent unto me four times after this sort

Say Oh No to:

II. Their Insinuations

  1. Concerning his Loyalty – (you’re not really right with God – you are a hypocrite)
  2. Concerning his Leadership – vs. 6 (he has his own agenda; selfish and self-serving
  3. Concerning his Laborers – accused them of being used and promoting a man vs. 7

Say Oh No to:

III. Their Intimidations

  1. By Fear – vs. 9
  2. By Failure – vs. 9
  3. By Feebleness – vs. 9

Say Oh No to:

IV. Their Infiltrations – vs. 10-13

  1. He was Trusted – vs. 10
  2. He was a Tool – he was hired by the enemy to hurt Nehemiah