“This Friday at 7 PM could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Do you desire to have a dynamic and intimate relationship with Christ? RU is designed to do just that – get you connected and growing in Christ. Watch as strongholds, weights of life and even addictions disappear as you develop a new way to live.”

Christopher ReplogleRU Director


Several years ago, God allowed us to begin an Addictions Program at Calvary. As we sought for a curriculum and program that would fit the needs of those struggling around us, we discovered Reformers Unanimous. This international program has been used in a remarkable way, and it has changed lives at Calvary Baptist Church.

Through this faith-based addictions program, we teach that all sin is addictive. If we are not careful, when we think of addictions we only think of drugs and alcohol, or we will limit them to a few that are commonly talked about. However, there are many addictions that often go unnoticed, such as: depression, anxiety, pornography, anger and the list goes on.

Our doors are open to all those who want to have a part in the RU Addictions Program. We have strong leaders in the RU Program that God has placed in our church to lead, guide, help and influence those in need. We have watched God change life after life through RU. Before you deem your life “hopeless” or “unsalvageable,” try our faith-based addictions program and discover how the truth can make you free!