Missions Trip to Dominican Republic – 11/12 – 11/20 Check back daily for updates!






We had a great time on Saturday working with the children and the young people. We started the day off with a children’s ministry service that involve games, a Bible lesson, and snacktime. The promotion for the day was Twin Day.  Everyone had to find someone to be a twin with and there were prizes for the best set of Twins.   After the service, we all went to a very popular pizza parlor in town and enjoyed what time of food and fellowship. We were able to do a little bit of shopping after lunch to pick up some souvenirs before heading back to the hotel. Saturday evening, there was another youth service for the teenagers.   Most of the teenagers in this church come without their parents or without their parent’s support. It was such a blessing to see so many of these young people making their way to the service because they wanted to be there. It was also very encouraging to see new faces at the service as a result of the flyers that we passed out earlier this week. There’s definitely a great need in the city for a good solid church and Brother Lane is doing his best to provide that.


Today, our group went about an hour and  today, our group went about an hour and a half out of town to visit a small church out in the country. Brother Lane has been working with this national Pastor for some time to get this church established. He and his people were very glad to see us.  Our group helped them distribute literature and go door-to-door soul winning in the community. They paired up one of their church members with a few of our group and went house to house. They prepared a delicious meal of a traditional stew and the kids loved it. Some of our young man discovered they could distribute tracts to people riding by on mopeds and tractors. They had a blast! The Christian people here are very sweet and gracious and grateful for our visit. It’s been a pleasure serving with them these last few days.



This morning was a much slower pace than the last two days. We took the group on a white water rafting excursion this morning. This afternoon, we invited children to Saturday’s youth meeting and passed out flyers. There are so many children in these neighborhoods.  They are all so sweet and receptive. We are praying for a great day Saturdsy with both the children’s ministry as well as the youth service that night.


Today was pretty much an exact repeat of yesterday. We woke up and went to breakfast at 8 o’clock. The breakfast was set up like a buffet and we were able to choose from a wide variety of delicious breakfast foods. The coffee here is amazing, as is the juice. The orange juice and pineapple juice that they serve for breakfast is delicious. After breakfast, we went back to the church to stuff tracts into the brochures that we brought. We split up and covered a lot of streets and houses around the church. They changed the name of the church from Temple Baptist Church to Living Water Baptist Church, so that has been one of the reasons for the big literature distribution push. It’s amazing the variety of houses in the neighborhoods. Very nice houses with multiple vehicles will be sitting right next to the poorest house you’ve ever seen. In between the buildings are small allys that are really walkways back to entire neighborhoods. You cannot see them from the road, but if you follow the paths, you will find so many houses. We stopped a little after noon and had lunch again at the camp where the Lanes live.  My wife and Sister Donna went shopping with Sister Lane for lunch foods instead of going out with us again.  The ladies were glad to see the stores and food selection.  They also enjoyed spending time with Sister Lane. We went back out after lunch for about an hour and covered another huge portion of town until we ran out of brochures. We came back to the hotel to get ready for supper. Instead of taking a nap, the kids opted to play in the river. Looking forward to preaching to the Dominican church tonight. They meet in the same church building as the Haitian congregation. Here are a few pictures of our day.


We left the church at 3 AM on Monday with a group of 10. We landed in Santa Domingo Dominican republic about 230 on Monday afternoon. Four hours later, we arrived at our hotel. Needless to say, we were exhausted. After a delicious meal, we crashed and slept like logs.

This morning we met at 8 o’clock out in the pavilion near the river. It is a beautiful place  and everyone had a great breakfast. We left from there and went to get our money exchanged into the Dominican peso. After that we went to the church to deliver the rest of the 10,000 brochures that are church and printed for Brother Lane.

We spent a few minutes practicing some songs for the services this week, and then we spent a little bit of time stuffing gospel tracts into the brochures. We broke up into two groups and covered an enormous neighborhood before lunch.   We had lunch at the camp where Brother Lane and his wife live. We enjoyed the food and the rest and the fellowship. After that, the kids went back out for another literature distribution time while the adults went back to the hotel to get ready for the service tonight.

We are about to eat supper, and then we will be having a service tonight. I’ll post pictures of that later this evening if I get a chance. The Wi-Fi in our hotel room is a bit sketchy.

update: We just got in from the service. There was a great crowd considering we had a lot of rain this afternoon and many of the people walk or ride motorcycles to church. Grateful for the opportunity to preach to this congregation of Haitian Christians. I preached a brand new message out of Acts chapter 14 verse 22 and 23 on some things that every church needs. I’ve added some pictures at the bottom of the pics below.  The group sang 2 songs and the trio sang one song.  The people do not understand English, but they understand harmony. They really enjoyed the music.

Here are a few pictures of our trip so far.