Living By Faith Part II – An Illustration of Walking by Faith – Gen. 12:1, 2

I. The Recruiting to the Life of Faith – vs. 1a

1. God will personally approach you.

God invites people to a life of faith.
There’s no mistaking who is speaking.
He came to Noah
He came to Abram in our text
He came to Jacob at Bethel
He came to Moses at the burning bush
He came to Samuel, Gideon and on and on we could go.
When God has a plan, He comes to you and invites you to enter into a life of faith.

2. It will be Him that initiates this new life.

When He calls, we answer.
When He leads, we follow.
When He commands, we obey.
When He speaks, we listen.

II.  The Reality of the Life of Faith – vs. 1

  1. Unexpected instruction – 75 years old – not just the young and restless; sometimes it’s the old and comfortable
  2. Unfamiliar territory – get out; the biggest demonstration of faith is LEAVING; OR CHANGE
  3. Unknown destination – unto a land that I will show you; He doesn’t always let you take a survey trip

III. The Reward of the Life of Faith – vs. 2

  1. You will receive a blessing
    Christians underestimate the blessings of God that accompany living by faith.
  1. You will be a blessing
    Because you followed God, and obeyed His leadership, and trusted Him, He can use you to be a huge blessing to others.