Life In The Bleachers – 9/18/19 PM

Life in the Bleachers

II Kings 2

Intro: In every sporting event, there is a group of spectators.

The camera’s pan the crowd.

Some are distracted and oblivious.

Others are screaming and clapping, etc.

Simply being in the bleachers is not enough to impact the game.

There is a big difference in being INTERESTED and being INVOLVED.

There are three key players in this story.

  1. Elijah
  2. Elisha
  3. The sons of the prophets

NOTE: They are everywhere, but they are not doing anything.

They are in every town, but they are not contributing anything substantial to the story.

They are window dressing.

They are traffic.

They are the onlookers.

They are the VAST MAJORITY in this story, but have very little to do with the outcome.


I. Their Proclamation was Late – vs. 3, vs. 5 vs. 15

They were quick to tell Elisha something he already knew.


II. Their Preoccupation was Lame

What in the world could possibly be more important that what was about to happen?

They knew what was going to happen, but had something more important to do.

They had somewhere more important to be.

This was a once in a lifetime event, and they had something else to do; somewhere else to be.


III. Their Perception was Limited – vs. 7

They could see, but not very well.

They had an idea of what was going on, but it was not a complete understanding.


IV. Their Promotion was Lost

The only criteria for the double portion was to SEE.

They weren’t close enough to SEE.

They stood to view AFAR OFF. (vs. 7)

Notice verse 12 – And Elisha saw it…

God is no respector of persons.

They ALL could have had a double portion if they had wanted it.


V. Their Proposition was Ludicrous – vs. 16

People that are not involved have the strangest ideas about what really happened!

They didn’t see him taken up into heaven – vs. 11

Verse one told us that. But they were not in verse 1

They didn’t show up until verse 3.

But they were dogmatic that God must have dropped him in a valley or up on a mountain someplace!

NOTE: They took 50 men and spent three days looking for something that didn’t exist, when none of the 50 had time to look for something they KNEW would happen?????


VI. Their Preservation was Late – vs. 19-21

The spring that offered life-giving water was giving nothing but death and barrenness until Elisha got there.

They could have fixed it, but they were unable to perform the necessary work.