Let God Handle It – 11/8/20 PM

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Let God Handle It

II Chron. 20:12-17


               A. Their Dilemma – vs. 1, 2

Moab, Ammon and other nations coming against them.

There was a great multitude coming against them.

               B. Their Distress – vs. 3-13

                              1. Their Fear – vs. 3

                              2. Their Frustration – SEE Deut. 2:4, 9, 19

                              3. Their Feebleness – vs. 12

               C. Their Deliverance – vs. 14-30

God showed up in an unbelievable way.

He reminded them that the battle was not theirs, but God’s.

Notice verse 17 – Ye shall not need to fight in this battle:

Notice verse 22 – God set ambushments against them.

In verse 23, he utterly destroyed them.

In verse 24, there were dead bodies fallen to the earth and none escaped.

What I want us to focus on tonight is what it means to let God handle it.

They didn’t pull up recliners and watch God do the impossible.

They were busy doing a lot of things, WHILE GOD WAS HANDLING IT.

In fact, there is more details about what the people of God did than of what God did.

Notice what Jehoshaphat and the people of God did in this story WHILE GOD WAS HANDLING IT.

  1. Set himself to seek after God – vs. 3
  2. Proclaimed a fast – vs. 3
  3. Gathered together to pray – vs. 4
  4. Went to the house of the Lord – vs. 5
  5. Kept their eyes upon the Lord – vs. 12
  6. Stood before the Lord with their entire family – vs. 13
  7. Hearkened unto the message of a Spirit-filled man of God – vs. 14, 15
  8. Worshipped the Lord – vs. 18
  9. Praised the Lord with a loud voice – vs. 19
  10. Believe in the Lord, and believe his prophets – vs. 20
  11. Appointed singers and they began to sing – vs. 21, 22
  12. They came to take away the spoil for three days – vs. 25
  13. Assembled and blessed the Lord – vs. 26
  14. They returned to Jerusalem with joy – vs. 27
  15. They gathered in the house of God with their psalteries, harps and trumpets. – vs. 28

Conclusion: We are full of fear, frustrated, feeble and in need of God to handle it, let Him. But we should also focus on doing what we are supposed to do in the meantime.