Is The Lord Among Us? – Pastor Stacey Shiflett

Is The Lord Among Us?

Exodus 17:7

Intro: These people asked a question that no doubt many have asked.

Let’s examine the climate; the timing; the circumstances of this question.

It was a time of:
            A. Desperate Thirst – vs. 1-3 “…and there was no water for the people to drink…”

            B. Dangerous Tempers – vs. 2-4 “…they be almost ready to stone me.”

            C. Doubtful Tempting – vs. 2, 7 “Is the Lord among us, or not?”

If you are one of the Christians that are asking the question, Is the Lord among us or not, then let me give you some indications of the fact that THE LORD IS AMONG US!

If you need reassurance, let me give you a few from this story.

Even during a time of thirst, when tempers were flaring and people were tempting God, HE WAS STILL THERE!!

I. Sovereign Presence – vs. 6

  • 6 Behold, I will stand before thee there…

They were asking if God was among them.

God said, I’m standing right in front of you!

            A. The Promise of his Presence – I will stand before thee

            B. The Place of His Presence – I will stand before thee there upon the rock in Horeb.

            C. The Proof of His Presence – and there shall come water

What you can’t get anywhere else, you can get in His presence!

When nothing else will satisfy the thirst, He will.

At His feet is the solution to all of your problems!

II. Satisfied Petition – vs. 4, 5

You know God is among us when He’s still answering prayer!

Moses prayed in verse 4, “What shall I do…?”

God answered in verse 5!!

Are you wondering if the Lord is among us?

Can you get a prayer through?

Is God hearing and answering prayer?

III. Supernatural Preservation – vs. 6

God gave them water out of a rock.

The rock was drier than they were!

There’s nothing with less water in it than a rock.

But God preserved his people.

How can we ask “Is the Lord among us…” after supernatural preservation?

IV. Supportive People – vs. 9-12

You know God is among a group of people when you’ve got a band that will fight.

They stood with God’s man and followed his leadership.

There were two groups of people in this congregation:

  • The BITTER crowd, and the BATTLING crowd.
  • The ACCUSING crowd, and the ACCEPTING crowd.
  • The ones that FOUGHT AGAINST Moses, and the ones that FOUGHT FOR Moses.
  • Some were MURMURING; others were MINISTERING.
  • Some wanted to HURT him, others were busy HELPING him.
  • Some were TEARING him down; others were HOLDING him up.
  • Some wanted to STONE MOSES; others put a STONE under Moses.

This one crowd said, “Let’s stone the preacher!”

Aaron and Hur said, “Great idea!! There’s a big one right here! Here preacher, have a seat!”

I notice in this passage that Moses followed God.

See verse 1 – journeyed after their journeys, according to the commandment of the Lord.

Moses followed God, and the people followed Moses.

  • Moses’s DIRECTION – vs. 9 go out and fight

NOTE: It was Moses that told Joshua to fight; not God.

But Joshua did it.

  • Moses’ DELEGATION – vs. 9 choose us out men (what an honor!)
  • Moses’ DISTANCING – vs. 9 I will stand on the top of the hill
  • Moses’ DEMONSTRATION – vs. 9 with the rod of God in mine hand
  • Moses’ DEPENDANCE – vs. 12 …and his hands were steady…

V. Substantiated Prevailing – vs. 13-14

It was substantiated by:

            A. The Winning of the Battle – vs. 13 And Joshua discomfited Amalek and his people with the sword

The Bible says that when Moses held up his hands, Israel prevailed.

So Aaron and Hur held up his hands.

And they prevailed.

God’s word says they DISCOMFITED Amalek.

That’s Hebrew for discombobulated!

DISCOMFITED: to be weak, be prostrate

            B. The Writing of a Book – vs. 14 Write this for a memorial in a book…

It was such a significant battle that God told Moses record it.

God wanted them to have a memorial.

Why? …rehearse it in the ears of Joshua…

            C. The Witness of a Banner – vs. 15

The victory sparked a desire to worship. So they built an altar.

JEHOVAHNISSI – Jehovah is my banner