I’ll Give You What I Have – Community Thanksgiving Meal & Service

Watch this special service here:

(This message was preached to over 550 people on Tuesday night of Thanksgiving week. We went all over Baltimore and bussed in those that are less fortunate and fed them a full Thanksgiving meal and had a special service. The notes and video reflect the informal but prayerful impact that our church was able to have on these precious people with God’s amazing power and grace. We rejoice in more than 65 people that stood and publicly confessed that they had accepted Jesus Christ after the message.)


I’ll Give You What I Have

Acts 3:1-11

A. Notice his Condition – he was crippled; lame from his mother’s womb (over 40 years old – 4:22)

This means he couldn’t walk.

The significance:

He was a crippled. He was handicapped. He struggled with severe limitations.

He couldn’t go where he wanted to go.

He was at the mercy of others.

He was a victim of circumstances.

He had no strength; no ability; no power over his own situation.

He had no independence. He needed help.


B. Notice his Companions – we don’t know who they were, but they brought him to the Temple

Somebody cared enough about him to help him.

Notice: they didn’t park him outside the tavern.

They didn’t take him to the gambling casinos.

They didn’t drop him off at the ballgame or the circus.

They took him to the Temple.

They didn’t take him to the crack house, or the whorehouse – they took him to the church house!

These friends were instrumental in getting him some help!

They may not could have helped him, but they could take him somewhere that could!

Good place to get help!!

He was in a good place for something big to happen.

I’ve never understood people whose life is a mess avoiding the house of God.

They try everything under the sun, but draw the line at God and God’s House.

They try every kind of drink, every kind of drug, every kind of woman, every kind of sin, but they turn their nose up at the Bible and God and the church and God’s men.

This ole boy was in a good place to get some help!

He parked outside the Temple.


C. Notice his Conversation – vs. 4, 5 – he was expecting to receive something of them

Peter’s answer was no doubt disappointing.

Silver and gold have I none.

We want money don’t we?

My friend used to say, “Money is the problem. Money is the answer to the problem.”

JOKE: Two friends were talking. One said, “I sure wish I had a million dollars.” His friend said, “You know money ain’t everything.” He said, “I know that, but money will take you downtown where everything is!”

This man wanted silver and gold. He wanted money. He wanted something tangible.

But Peter’s answer was BUT SUCH AS I HAVE, GIVE I THEE.

Peter said, “I don’t have much, but what I have, you can have it.”


What did Peter have?

I. A Personal Experience“But such as I have…”

Peter had something that was priceless.

He had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus had come to where he was one day and called him.

He responded by walking away from everything and following Christ.

He had walked with Jesus for three and a half years.

  • What Peter had – not many people had.
  • What Peter had, it had changed his life.
  • What Peter had, it was something that everybody needed.

Keep in mind – When Jesus found Peter, he was just an ignorant fisherman. (see Acts 4:13)

  • This ole dumb fisherman had been on the mountain of Transfiguration and saw Moses and Elijah.
  • This ole dumb fisherman had helped feed 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes!
  • This ole dumb fisherman had climbed out of the boat in a storm and walked on water!
  • This ole dumb fisherman had cut a man’s ear off with a sword and watched Jesus put it back on!
  • This ole dumb fisherman had just preached in the previous chapter and 3,000 people got saved!


II. A Promising Expression“…give I thee…”

There’s nothing as exciting as someone saying, “Hey, I want to give you something.”

You don’t even know what it is, but it’s awesome!

Don’t you just hate a tightwad?

Don’t you just despise someone that won’t share their stuff?

I can’t stand a greedy, selfish person that hogs all their stuff.

Some people just don’t want to share what they have!


JOKE: One man asked his friend, “If you had a million dollars, would you give me half of it?” His friend said, “You know I would!” His friend then asked him, “If you had a thousand dollars, would you give me half of it?” He said, “You know I would!” Then his friend said, “If you had two hogs would you give me one of them?” His friend said, “You know I’ve got two hogs!”


It’s hard to find someone that has something they are willing to share.

Peter got this lame man’s hopes up.

He said, “I don’t have any silver or gold, but I do have something and I want to share it with you!”

He promised him that he would share what he had.

Peter should have just said, “I may not have what you want, but I got what you need!”

Peter knew that though this crippled man needed money, he had a much greater need.

No matter how much he wanted money, he needed to be healed of his infirmity.

Jesus said:

  • Mark 9:45 …it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell…

What good is money if you die and go to hell?

Mark 8

  • 36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
  • 37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


III. A Profound Expectation“…rise up and walk.”

NOTE: The crippled man wasn’t the only one with an expectation.

Verse 5 says he expected to receive something of them.

But Peter had some expectations also!

ILLUSTRATION: A young pastor was complaining that nothing exciting ever happened at his church. He told an older preacher that nobody had been saved in a long time. The old preacher asked him, “Well, do you expect God to do something exciting in every service?” The young man replied, “Well, no.” The older preacher replied, “That’s your problem!”


A. He Expected the Crippled to be Restored

Based on his years of watching Jesus Christ of Nazareth heal crippled people and sick people.

He had watched Jesus change lives of countless thousands of people.

He had been a witness to years of God’s transforming power.

He had never seen a sick person walk away from Jesus like they came.

He had never met a single disappointed client.

Not one disgruntled customer.

Every person that ever came to Jesus got what they came for, and much more!

It never crossed Peter’s mind that this man couldn’t be healed.

And he was!

  • Acts 3:7 And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength.


B. He Expected the Crowd to Repent

They gathered around Peter in verse 12.

He started preaching.

Notice verse 26:

  • Acts 3:26 Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.

Peter expected that entire crowd to repent.

BY the way – their problem was a lot worse than that crippled man’s problem.

He was crippled physically. They were crippled spiritually!

As usual, the religious leaders didn’t like Peter’s message.

They locked him up in chapter 4:3

But notice what happened in 4:4

  • Acts 4:4 Howbeit many of them which heard the word believed; and the number of the men was about five thousand.


Conclusion: Peter didn’t have enough gold and silver for all those people. But he gave them what he had!

He shared with them what he DID have, and it was JUST WHAT THEY NEEDED!

We brought ya’ll here to night to share with you what we have.

We shared some turkey and dressing.

We shared some pumpkin pie.

We’ve got some warm socks and gloves and coats up in the balcony that we’re going to give you.

But that’s not what you really need.

What you NEED is to be saved!