How to Get Jesus to Your House – 8/27/17

How to Get Jesus to Your House

Matt. 9:18-26

Intro: There are many places throughout the Gospels where people stopped what they were doing, and followed Jesus.  But this is one time where Jesus stopped what He was doing, and followed another man to his house.

Imagine having Jesus come to your house?

JOKE: I heard about the little boy that went up to the preacher after church and said, “You’re supposed to come to our house after church for lunch!” The preacher said, “I know it Buddy! I am really looking forward to it. What did your Mama cook for lunch?”  The little boy replied, “I do, and I don’t think it’s going to be very good.” The preacher asked why.  The little boy said, “Because I heard Daddy tell Mama yesterday that he dreaded having that old buzzard for lunch Sunday.”


Is it possible for you today to get Jesus to follow you home to your house? Do you even want Him there?

Is it possible today for you to load up the God of heaven, and give Him unlimited access to your family?

Several things about this man, Jairus that I believe paved the way for Jesus to follow him home:


I. His Approach revealed his Humility – vs. 18

This man’s name was Jairus. He was a ruler of the synagogue.

He was a man of influence, a man of power, a man of means no doubt.

He could have sent a servant. He could have sent word by someone else.

But instead, he stopped what he was doing, found where Jesus was, and went to him directly.

God has a tender heart and a willing spirit toward those that are humble.

Humility speaks volumes to God.

  • 1 Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:


A. Notice his Adorationthere came a certain ruler, and worshipped

I think it is important that he did his worshipping before he did any asking.

He did his worshipping before he received any miracles.

He did his worshipping prior to getting any personal benefit from the Lord.

God loves it when people worship him.

John 4 says God seeketh such to worship Him.

God doesn’t turn away those that are worshipping Him; that is what He craves and desires.

Don’t make the mistake of only worshipping Him AFTER He does something for you.

Worship Him all the time!


B. Notice his Askingcome and lay thy hand upon her (specific prayer)

His request was important enough for him to talk directly to the Lord about it.

Some things you just don’t delegate.

He didn’t ask the church to pray; he didn’t ask the disciples to pray; he didn’t post it on Facebook.

He prayed. He asked. He interceded for his daughter. He got involved in the solution by using the power of prayer.

Jesus told us in Matthew 7:7-11 the power of prayer.

Jesus taught his disciples to give God a chance to “give good things to them that ask him.”

How many “good things” do we miss out on simply because we do not ask?


C. Notice his Assurancelay thy hand upon her, and she shall live.

I don’t know who had told him, or how he knew, but he had heard enough to know that Jesus COULD.

He had no question at all in the Lord’s ability or power to change the situation.

Faith goes a long way toward moving God’s hand.


II. His Admission revealed his Honestyvs. 18

The normal father today would have started out bragging about how wonderful his children were.

The average parent today would have began listing all the positive qualities about their child.

Most parents today would have been in a state of denial about the true condition of their children.

This man didn’t try to explain why or how, or defend, or appropriate blame.

The average man would blame the school, the youth director, the pastor, the kids on their street…

This man wasn’t concerned with whose fault it was, he needed God to intervene, and that requires honesty!

We don’t know what kind of sickness she had.

The father didn’t go into it – he didn’t feel the need to justify or explain. He just stated the cold hard facts.

He got real with God and told the truth – “my daughter is even now dead”.


Remember the father in Matthew 17:15Lord have mercy on my son: for he is a lunatic… (Maybe you’ve prayed that!)

If there is anything that will get God’s attention, it is just pure, old-fashioned honesty.


A. It was a Personal Admission – my daughter (not someone elses, but MY daughter)

As the song says – It’s not my brother or my sister but it’s me Oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer!


B. It was a Present Admission – even now – this can’t wait – there is a passionate urgency

It’s time we make it a priority to get healing; to get help; to give God a chance to perform a miracle!


C. It was a Painful Admission – she is dead

God can move, and God can help, and God can intervene in the life of a person that just gets real with Him.

Whether it be for yourself, or it be for your marriage, or it be for your children – get honest with God!

The secret to you getting the hand of God to move in your life might be to just crawl to Him confessing:

  • Lord, my heart is dead.
  • Lord, my burden for souls is dead.
  • Lord, my love for you is dead.
  • Lord, my passion for ministry is dead.
  • Lord, my marriage is dead.
  • Lord, my desire to give is dead.
  • Lord, my relationship with my children or my parents is dead.
  • Lord, my prayer life is dead!
  • Lord, my personal devotion time is dead!
  • Lord, I AM DEAD!

It was painful to admit, but God responds to an HONEST APPROACH!

It is rough on the flesh, but getting honest before God is essential for Him to work!


III. His Appeal revealed his Hurt – vs.

The father was completely honest with Jesus.

He didn’t adjust the facts in his favor. He didn’t hide the facts.

My daughter is even now dead. – not sick, not on the brink of death, not on her deathbead; she is even now dead.

What a statement for a father to have to confess to the Lord!

Imagine the pain he was going through.


NOTE: He knew she was dead, but he wasn’t content to leave her that way!

God has the power to resurrect.

He can breathe new life into a person that feels dead


Her father could only think of one thing that could remedy her situation – the hand of the Lord.

I wonder this morning – how serious are we about God extending his hand into our homes and into our families?

How important is it to us that God put his hand on our children and on our family situation?


This father was desperate. In his mind, there was no other option.

It was as bad as it could get. How dead was she?? How bad off was she?


Notice in verse 23, 24 what happened when Jesus came in Jairus’ house.

Jesus said – “Give place, for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth.”

The people “laughed him to scorn”.


NOTE: Normal people had long ago given up on her. The average person had accepted her death as a done deal.

He wasn’t normal – he wanted her alive again!

He wasn’t average – he didn’t accept death in his family as a finality!!


CONCLUSION: The rest of the story is history. Jesus asked them to “Give place”, and then He went to work.

It didn’t take Him long. The hard part had already been done.

  • Daddy had humbled himself and sought the face of God.
  • Daddy had gotten honest with God about the seriousness of the problem.
  • Daddy had exercised a little bit of faith in God’s power and God’s ability to turn things around.

All that was left was for Jesus to come on in the house and do what He does best – change things.