Give Me Now Wisdom – II Chron. 1:10

The need for wisdom is without a doubt one of the greatest needs in our church today.

We know the Bible is very clear, that, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” (James 1:5)

What was it about Solomon that impressed God, and God heard his prayer for wisdom?

Let’s examine this passage and see.

I. Solomon’s Passion for God

God doesn’t issue divine wisdom to those that will not use it for His honor and glory.
Notice verse 1 – here was a young king that God was with him and magnified him exceedingly

A.  Notice the Involvement – vs. 3 He was involved, and got everybody else involved

I am always motivated by these men in the Bible that got everybody around them fired up for God.

B.  Notice the Investment– 1,000 sacrifices!  Not just a routine; this was a time-consuming display

C.  Notice the Impression – vs. 7 – In that night did God appear

II.  Solomon’s Petition to God

A.  It spoke of his Dependence – vs. 8, 9

1. God’s past blessings – vs. 8

2. God’s promise to bless – vs. 9

B.  It spoke of his Desire – vs. 10a Give me now wisdom and understanding…

1. It superseded his desire for prosperity – vs. 11 – not asked for riches, wealth

2. It superseded his desire for popularity – vs. 11 – or honor

3. It superseded his desire for power – vs. 11 – or the life of thine enemies

4. It superseded his desire for posterity – vs. 11 – neither yet has asked long life

C.  It spoke of his Duty – vs. 10

He recognized he was serving God’s people –he needed God’s help

III. Solomon’s Progression with God – 2:1

A. God blessed his determination – 2:1 – doing it for the name of the Lord; vs. 5, 9 wonderful great

NOTE: I can’t help but mention that building the Temple wasn’t even his idea; it was passed down to him

This is what I call a Second Generation Determination – he caught what Daddy had – A love for God’s house!

B. God blessed his delegating – 2:2

153,600 – Undocumented immigrants; 70,000 men to bear burdens; 80,000 to hew, 3,600 overseers (vs.17,18)

C. God blessed his dealings – 2:3 – we will need wisdom to deal with the world around us


Huram heard of God’s love (vs. 11) and offered to help.