Exam Time! – 11/29/20

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Exam Time!

Psalm 26

Intro: Notice the level of David’s desire to be right:

  • Judge me
  • Examine me
  • Prove me
  • Try my heart and my reins.

I. Examine my Course – vs. 1, 3, 11

Multiple times, David referred to his walk.

He referred to walking in integrity and walking in truth.

  • 3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

II. Examine my Company – vs. 4, 8, 9, 10, 12

  • DISSEMBLERS: to conceal, hide, be hidden, be concealed, be secret

David said he wouldn’t go in with the cover-up crowd.

What would your grade be on this exam?

III. Examine my Consecration – vs. 6

I will wash mine hands in innocency.

I will compass thine altar.

  • COMPASS: to march or walk around, go partly around, circle about, skirt, make a round, make a circuit, go about to, surround, encompass

This was not a touch and go; this was not a casual encounter.

This was a life of consecration.

David was familiar with the altar of God.

What would your grade be on this exam?

IV. Examine my Conversation – vs. 7

That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving.

And tell of thy wondrous works.

What would your grade be on this exam?

V. Examine my Commitment – vs. 11, 12

  • David said in verse 1 I HAVE walked.
  • He said in verse 3 I HAVE walked.
  • He said in verse 4 I HAVE NOT sat with…
  • He said in verse 5 I HAVE hated the congregation of evil doers…
  • He said in verse 8 I HAVE LOVED…

But there was a few times where David was dogmatic about what he WOULD do…

  • He said in verse 4 …neither will I go in with the dissemblers.
  • He said in verse 5 …I WILL NOT sit with the wicked…
  • He said in 6 I WILL wash mine hands…
  • He said in verse 6 I WILL compass thine altar…
  • He said in verse 7 THAT I MAY PUBLISH…AND TELL…
  • He said in verse 12 in the congregations WILL I BLESS THE LORD.


David was asking God to judge him; to examine him; to prove him and to try him.

Can you ask God to do that tonight?