Are You Open? 4/28/19 AM

Are You Open?

I Samuel 3:1

VISIONsight; dream – a revelation of the mind of God

OPENunclosed, accessible, receptive, unrestricted, to break in or break through

                Fact 1 – Eli had no open vision.

                Fact 2 – Samuel did have an open vision – 3:15 “…and Samuel feared to shew Eli the vision.”

Why did God reveal his mind and His plan to Samuel, and not to Eli?



I. Samuel’s Occupation

  1. His Faithfulness – He ministered; 2:11, 18, 3:1 – Being young didn’t stop him; wasn’t an excuse
  2. His Focus – he ministered unto the Lord – 3 times
  3. His Furtherance – three times the Bible says He GREW – 2:21, 26; 3:19

II. Samuel’s Opportunity – he had the opportunity to be exposed to a little taste of some spiritual things.

  1. To the Word of God – vs. 1 (2:27) not much, but a little
  2. To the Light of God – vs. 3 – it wasn’t consistent, but he saw a little
  3. To the House of God – vs. 3
  4. To the Presence of God – vs. 3 (where the ark of God was)
  5. To the Voice of God – during all this…that the Lord called Samuel.

III. Samuel’s Openness – when he heard his name called, he ran!

He was receptive. He was OPEN.

He was not hindered by:

  • A man of God that was laying down in his place – vs. 2
  • A man of God that had lost his vision – vs. 2; 4:15
  • A place of worship where the light had gone out – 3:3
  • A group of priests that were wicked and ungodly – 2:23

Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth – what a heart and spirit of openness!!

It was his receptiveness at the opportunity to hear from God that changed his life.

His openness to the voice of God resulted in an amazing outcome.


IV. Samuel’s Outcome

  1. A Relaying – 3:18 …and Samuel told him every whit, and hid nothing from him.
  2. A Relationship – 3:19 …and the Lord was with him…
  3. A Reputation – 3:20 …and all Israel knew that Samuel was established…
  4. A Reach – 3:20 …and all Israel from Dan even to Beersheba knew…

Note: He was opening doors for the Lord in 3:15, and in 3:20 God was opening doors for Samuel.

5. A Revelation – 3:21 …for the Lord revealed himself to Samuel…

Conclusion: Because Samuel was OPEN TO THE VISION, God continued to speak to him.

  • 1 Samuel 3:21 And the LORD appeared again in Shiloh: for the LORD revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the LORD.

How open are you to the voice of God? How open are you to God’s vision for your life?

Samuel said – HERE AM I and RAN.