about us

Calvary Baptist Church of Dundalk, Maryland was organized in May, 1955, with eight charter members, as the New Testament Baptist Church. During these early years, services were held in a large hall in Essex, Maryland. By 1960, attendance had risen to 100 people, raising the need for a new church building. The new church auditorium was completed in 1963, at 7321 Manchester Road, in Dundalk, MD. In 1966, the Christian education building was added. In 1964, the church name was officially changed to the Calvary Baptist Church of Dundalk, Maryland, and by 1968, attendance had grown to 220.

Eight years later, in February, 1972, the church decided to completely renovate the auditorium, adding a sound room for the production of a radio program. Attendance had continued to grow, with a high attendance in 1977 of 401 people

As God continued to bless, Calvary Baptist Church built their educational facilities, to give expansion for the planned growth of the Christian school.

In 1980, the church voted to build a new church auditorium that would have seating capacity for 1500 adults, giving a total Sunday school capacity of over 3000. At the same time, a building was built for the purpose of doing bus maintenance on property. Both of these facilities were completed November, 1982. Almost all the funds for these buildings was raised on a weekly basis of giving from the congregation over and above the regular giving. Attendance at continued to grow with a high attendance of 960 people in 1982.

Through the years, the church has increased it’s out reach to the community, adding a bus ministry, audio tape ministry, and outreach ministries, consisting of religious services in retirement homes, detention homes, and prisons. The church started a Christian school (K4 through 12th grade), an ever extending printing ministry, an active youth ministry, a new converts class, a young adults class, and a young married couples class. The church has supported over 91 foreign missionaries. The church is a seven day a week working organization, with a full-time staff of eight, and a full-time school staff of 19.

In August of 2014, Stacey Shiflett was voted in as Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. Since then, the church has repaved the parking lot, painted the full building, and undertaken numerous projects to update the facilities. With the Lord’s help, we hope to extend the parking lot and build a ministry center by the year 2019.

Calvary Baptist Church of Dundalk, Maryland, is not affiliated with any national or regional organization.