A Lot Lacking in the Life of Lot – 4/21/19 PM

A Lot Lacking in the Life of Lot

Genesis 12:4

I. Lack of Direction – Genesis 12:4

We have no record that God ever spoke to Lot.

God never gave him direction for him and his family.

God spoke to Abraham in Genesis 12:1

Verse 4 says …and Lot went with him.

He was a tag-a-long.

He found someone that knew where they were going, and what God wanted them to do, and latched on.

The Bible tells us that Lot was a tag-a-long no less than 3 times.

12:4; 13:1; 13:5

NOTE: Abram was on his journeys. It doesn’t say THEY WERE ON THEIR JOURNEY.

Abram had clear direction and a clear destination. Lot was just tagging along with Abram.

NOTE: Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver and in gold.

Lot had flocks, and herds and tents.

Everything was just fine – until there was a strife…

Guess who finally got clear direction???

The garden of the Lord looked just like Egypt. – Genesis 13:10


II. Lack of Devotion – Genesis 12:11 and they separated themselves the one from the other…

  • Contrast Naomi and Ruth – Ruth 1:8 – Go, return each to her mother’s house.
  • Contrast Elijah and Elisha – II Kings 2 (no less than 3 times did Elijah tell Elisha to stay behind)


III. Lack of Distinction

NOTE: Lot leaving Abram hurt Lot; not Abram.

Lot leaving Abram did not do a single thing to hinder or impede Abram.

SEE – Genesis 13:14-18

Vs. 14 – Abram kept on getting a Word from God. …and the Lord said unto Abram…

Vs. 15 – Abram kept on Walking in the blessings of God. …Arise, walk through the land…

Vs. 16 – Abram kept on Worshipping God – built there an altar unto the Lord

Lot was with Abram all that time, and his leaving did not make even a ripple in Abram’s life.

He was a tag-a-long, and his lack of influence and leadership made his absence a NON-ISSUE.


IV. Lack of Defense – Genesis 14:12

Lot and his family were kidnapped by the enemy kings.

Abraham and his trained army of 318 men went and rescued them. see verse 13-16

Lot had servants (13:7)

Abram had servants.

The difference in Lot’s servants and Abram’s servants were their masters.

Abram had a contingency plan – Lot did not.

  1. He understood the Possibilities – they were trained
  2. He understood Preparation – he armed them. He had an arsenal for such a situation
  3. He understood Potential in his household. (born in his own house)

V. Lack of Discernment

In Genesis 19:1 – Lot sat in the gate of Sodom.

NOTE: Have you ever noticed that those that have no influence with God seem to find a seat of influence with the wicked? (Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not….)

In Genesis 13:12, Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom.

Verse 13 says: But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly”

In verse 2, 3 – he invited them to his house.

In Genesis 13, he was near Sodom. In Genesis 19, he was IN Sodom.

In Genesis 13, he was in a tent. In Genesis 19, he was in a house.


VI. Lack of Decisiveness

In Genesis 19:14, Lot warned his daughters and their husbands of the coming danger.

In vs. 15, the angels hastened lot.


Danger is coming.

People are begging you to get it together.

No sense of urgency.

Had to literally be drug out of town by the angels.