A Little Space of Grace – 5/17/20 PM

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A Little Space of Grace

Ezra 9:1-9


               A. The Priest’s Abomination – vs. 1, 2

SEE Exodus 34:16

               B. The Preacher’s Astonishment – vs. 3 (says it twice – also verse 4)

Preachers today are still pulling their hair out over the people of God’s lack of separation!

               C. The People’s Assembling – vs. 4

  • Because of their Trembling
  • Because of their Transgressions
  • Because of their Tragedy – (carried away)

I. The Promptings of a Little Space of Grace

               A. Agonizing Brokenness – vs. 5

               B. Ashamed Blushing – vs. 6 (God giveth grace to the humble)

               C. Accepted Blame – vs. 7 (we are all guilty)

II. The Pricelessness of a Little Space of Grace

               A. The Season – vs. 8 now is the time

               B. The Showing – it is revealed – vs. 9 in the sight of the kings of Persia

               C. The Source – from the Lord our God

III. The Product of a Little Space of Grace

               A. An Escape for the Remnant – vs. 8

               B. An Establishing of the Relationship – see Isa. 22:22, 23

               C. An Enlightenment of Reality – vs. 8

               D. An Experience of Revival – vs. 9

  • Worship will be Restored
  • Work will be Restarted
  • Walls will be Rebuilt